Multitest Test in Carriers


> strip-like device carrier for single device
> no singulated after test
> combines the advantages of the singulated device test with the advantages of strip test





Key Features


  • loading into strip-like device carriers with Multitest loading equipment
  • supports standard transportation media  of the backend process
  • leverages Multitest InStrip for singulated packages
  • offers all features of the standard InStrip set-up
  • unloading into final packaging media
  • full traceability




  • robust handling for even smallest devices
  • high parallel test
  • flexible line set-up for loading, test and unloading
  • supports WL test and burn-in test
  • re-test option for single devices in the same equipment


Handling Solution for


  • leaded and leadless devices
  • large and even smallest package sizes down to 1 x 1 mm
  • IC test
  • MEMS calibration test
  • WL packages



Multitest InCarrier® process is based on a strip-like device carrier for single devices that combines the advantages of the singulated device test with the advantages of high parallel strip test.


The InCarrier® material flow at the test floor remains over all similar to the established standard process. Unlike to strip test, the InCarrier® test requires no singulation after test. Therefore the final test remains true final test. This way it overcomes the boundaries of strip test and meets the automotive 6 sigma - 0 PPM requirements.


Leveraging the strip like design the InCarrier® ensures robust test-handling for even smallest devices and supports high parallel test.


The InCarrier® loading supports all standard transportation media of the backend process:

  • tube
  • bulk
  • JEDEC tray
  • wafer ring