Multitest Adds Link Contactor to Its Interface Products Portfolio


Multitest has launched the new Link Contactor product line for analog, mixed signal, and RF applications. The innovative vertical probe design combines advantageous mechanical features - such as self-cleaning and scrub - with superior electrical performance and an architecture that eliminates wear on test interface board pads. The Link contactor is based on the technology developed by Titan Semiconductor Tools acquired by Xcerra Corporation in February.

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Multitest has shipped the first 45° high g sensor test module for the kitable MT9928 gravity handler


Multitest shipped the first “Shaker” 45° high g sensor test module for the MT9928 to a major international IDM. The module allows for two axis testing with one single stimulation on a flexible and modular handler platform. The well-established “Shaker” module, which was originally available for the MT93xx only, is now also available for the flexible and modular MT9928 gravity handler.

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Multitest launches the next generation loader for test in carriers


Multitest is launching the first InCarrier Loader plus with the shipment to a major IDM with high volume production in Europe and Asia.

The InCarrier Loader plus is the new state-of-the art loading solution for test in carriers. It is designed to optimize the back-end process at high volume production sites.

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Multitest InBaro confirmed as platform of choice


Multitest successfully introduced a new solution to their MEMS test and calibration portfolio: Multitest InBaro for high parallel test of barometric sensors. During a benchmark evaluation at a major European semiconductor manufacturer the InBaro specification outperformed the competition and was selected as the standard platform for test and calibration of their barometric sensor devices for consumer application.

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Multitest ATC for the MT2168 Pick-and-Place Handler


The Multitest ATC option for the MT2168 pick-and-place handler offers a most cost-efficient and flexible solution for managing low to medium range power dissipation at multisite test cells with up to 16 sites. Multitest ATC is an easy add-on to the standard MT2168, which can be mounted and demounted effortless. Multitest ATC is an affordable, reliable and flexible solution for test development and high volume production.

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MT9928 gravity handler, ecoAmp contactor and Multitest PCB


The Multitest MT9928 gravity handler ideally supports the special features of the recently launched ecoAmp Kelvin contactor. Field proven temperature performance and highest positioning accuracy ensure cost-efficient and reliable tri-temp testing as well as highest test yield.


The MT9928 features leading thermal performance across the entire range from -55° C to + 155° C. Temperature accuracy of +/- 2.0°C and stability of +/- 0.5°C are proven by numerous installations at high-volume production sites.

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Get the comprehensive tutorial


Power integrity is the discipline of providing clean power to the DUT by minimizing noise on the Power Delivery Network (PDN). It is quickly becoming one of the biggest challenges in test interface design.


Power integrity is a challenge whose influence will continue to grow in the coming years.

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Our first Plug & Yield solution for the test of 3D packages was recently shipped and has been released to the customer’s production now.


The fully integrated setup consists of a Multitest InStrip3D, a test interface board and a contacting solution based on vertical spring technology. The system will be used for electrical test partial stacks during assembly of a mobile SoC.

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