Multitest meets performance and cost requirements of today’s mobile applications


Multitest has been providing MEMS and sensor test and calibration equipment for more than ten years. Originally driven by the automotive market, Multitest has continuously expanded product offerings to meet the needs of consumer and mobility applications.

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Leveraging the benchmark for ambient/hot test for tri-temp qualification


The Multitest MT2168 pick and place handler now offers the ability to characterize devices at cold conditions. This addresses the evolving requirements for temperature performance driven by applications in the end markets. Whereas final test of the respective devices in high volume production will only be done at ambient/hot, they need to get qualified for cold conditions before they ramp.

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Seattle, USA, October 19 to 24


Xcerra - the new brand in the electronic industry.


Learn more about the most comprehensive portfolio for semiconductor test at ITC Test Week

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Grenoble, France, October 7 to 9


Join us at the 16th European Manufacturing and Test Conference (EMTC)

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Superior test cell efficiency due to innovative architecture well acknowledged


The Multitest MT2168 features a unique material flow, which fully supports the state-of-the-art tester capabilities in terms of test time and parallelism. The customers appreciate the superior throughput of the overall test cell based on the MT2168 concept, which they are able to recognize on the test floor and which is unmatched by other pick and place handlers.

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Multitest’s sensor calibration and test equipment for magnetic sensors using Helmholtz coils provide a highly integrated and compact solution for volume test. The setup ideally combines the advantages of Multitest’s modular concept for sensor test equipment with the benefits of a compact and robust design. This way low investment cost and highest ease-of-use on the test floor are ensured.


Multitest’s sensor calibration and test equipment for magnetic sensors using Helmholtz coils provide a highly integrated and compact solution for volume test.

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Multitest passes ISO 9001 / 14001 audit


The Multitest facilities in Rosenheim and Penang successfully passed the regular ISO audit. In Germany the existing ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification was confirmed. Multitest Penang secured the renewal of the ISO 9001 certification.

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MT9928 gravity handler, ecoAmp contactor and Multitest PCB


The Multitest MT9928 gravity handler ideally supports the special features of the recently launched ecoAmp Kelvin contactor. Field proven temperature performance and highest positioning accuracy ensure cost-efficient and reliable tri-temp testing as well as highest test yield.


The MT9928 features leading thermal performance across the entire range from -55° C to + 155° C. Temperature accuracy of +/- 2.0°C and stability of +/- 0.5°C are proven by numerous installations at high-volume production sites.

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Power integrity is the discipline of providing clean power to the DUT by minimizing noise on the Power Delivery Network (PDN). It is quickly becoming one of the biggest challenges in test interface design.


Power integrity is a challenge whose influence will continue to grow in the coming years.

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Our first Plug & Yield solution for the test of 3D packages was recently shipped and has been released to the customer’s production now.


The fully integrated setup consists of a Multitest InStrip3D, a test interface board and a contacting solution based on vertical spring technology. The system will be used for electrical test partial stacks during assembly of a mobile SoC.

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