One-Stop Supplier for Test Interface Boards, Contactors and Test Handlers

Multitest offers turnkey solutions for final test equipment. Our strong worldwide presence ensures support 24/7.

Test Interface Boards

Multitest is the only supplier in the market that focuse exclusively on test interface and boards printed circuit boards. Together, with our more than 30 years experience in the semiconductor market, this ensures a deep understanding of your needs and the perfect solution for: 


  • simulation
  • design
  • fabrication


Multitest is able to offer you the contacting solution that best suits your application including:


  • Kelvin test
  • RF test
  • Tri-temp test
  • MEMS test


for testing: 


  • packages with pitches down to 0.25 mm
  • packages on strips or
  • at wafer level

Test Handlers

Multitest has more than 30 years of experience in device handling. Our broad portfolio ensures the most efficient solution for your test application including: 


  • leaded and leadless devices
  • singulated packages and packages in strips
  • tri-temp test
  • MEMS test